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name: Andrew
gender: male

sexual orientation: herto
height:  5’9 I think
hair color: black
favorite feature: the goatee

home life:
parent's marital status?: divorced
state/area you live in: Essex in England
what does your room look like?: a dump I just move
favorite food:  chips
when do you usually go to sleep?: about 9
when do you usually wake up: early about 7

right now…
listening to?: Aerosmith
eating:  nothing at the mo
wearing: shorts and shirt
talking to: no one I got no friends
feeling:  bit down
happy about?: just finish moving
sad about: now jobless

song: dream on by Aerosmith
person: Russell Howard

member of your family: prob my mum
animal:  wolves
thing to wear: shorts and tank top

day of the week:  Sunday
thing to do: playing videos games
drink: tea
thing about yourself: The puns that I think to myself
thing to talk about: games

love life:
single or taken?:  single
crushing currently?: nope
longest crush you've ever had?: 6 mouths

first kiss?: I don’t know who but I was thirteen
last person you kissed?:  it might be kissing my Nan goodbye

describe your crush: don’t have one at the moment

does your crush know you like them (if applicable): same as above

have you ever…
bungee jumped: nope
gone skinny dipping: nope
smoked: yep
drank: yep
done drugs: nope   
self harmed: nope
cried of joy: yep
been to the beach: hell yeah
skipped school: I skipped a class or two
been suspended or expelled: nope
been on TV: nope

 made someone cry: I didn’t mean to but yes
fallen in love: I haven’t yet

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Hi I'm the Redeyeswolfman and this is my DA page. On here I will post My little pony (yeah I'm a brony. Whose care), Pokemon pictures And Mine craft Screenshots.


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